Saturday, October 31, 2009

SUV - Supermarket Unmotorized Vehicle

This is an essential piece of equipment for any committed pedestrian. The cart folds for carry and storage. For heavy items - or lots of items - a cart like this really does make not having a car possible.

This cart holds enough groceries to last our family of four for a week. It weighs about 20lbs., and can carry up-to 150lbs. It cost about $90. This particular cart has about 100 miles on it. I expect it will last for another 100 miles.

It is also essential that sidewalks in Montgomery County be repaired so that they are not brokem uneven, or poorly-designed. Things like tree boxes with stones, rather than grates, can really cause a problem for a pedestrian trying to get home with a 100lb. cart of groceries. I have retired more than one cart because of a hole in the sidewalk or an asphalt patch that has sunken over time.

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