Thursday, October 22, 2009

Temporary obstructions

This afternoon I took my dog, Opie for a walk down to Sligo Park - at the Piney Branch Rd - end of Sligo Ave. These photos show a few of the conditions that exist along this stretch.

Just like with drivers, conditions for pedestrians change depending upon things like weather, lighting, and - in this case - trash-day. It's not the homeowners' faults, nor is it the fault of the County. It just happens. Temporary obstructions cause a lotof greif for pedestrians. People with service animals
or wheelchairs can have a lot of trouble with things like trash cans, utility poles, and fire hydrants.

I used to think that a passage that had less than 36 inches clearance was not ADA compliant. A few years ago I spoke with a lawyerr who told me that it is really more like 30 inches, but 27 inches would probably pass too. I didn't have my measuring stick with me, but some of the clearances in these photos are awfully close to 27 inches.

I hear from MCDOT that this section of my street is on the list for improvements next summer. I can't wait to see how some of these issues are addressed.

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