Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"My plan was approved by the County."

I walked up to the Wachovia on Georgia Ave. this afternoon, and on my way back along Fenton, I came across this worksite. Dispite signs, people were caught off-gaurd by this obstruction, and were walking in the street - inches away from traffic.

When I started taking photos, a guy who looked like he had some authority asked me what I was taking photos of, and why. I told him I wanted to show these conditions to some people. He said, very quickly, the his site plan was approved by the County. I tols him that I was sure it was. He told me that there were signs down on the corner of Cameron and Fenton that warned pedestrians that the sidewalk was closed ahead, and to cross there. "I didn't see that," I said, becuase there were so many other construction signs there.

"I am going to hear about it when you send those photos out' he said. I replied that I imagined he would, but reminded him that people were actually walking in the road with the traffic in front of his worksite.. He told me that it was a phased plan, and that they would be building a walkway soon.
It wasn't a hostile discussion. I told him that - even if the County had approved it - it was not right to have a worksite where civilians are put in danger.

I let him know that I am blind, and that this kind of thing happerns all over Silver Spring. One detour leads to another. I'll put-up some video later...

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