Monday, October 19, 2009

A sign is not enough!

You will find this kind of sign in use all over Montgomery County. While I understand that there are times when access to the ROW needs to be disrupted, I also know that putting-up this sign doesn't solve the many problems that arise from obstructed ROWs.

More thought is needed. Project managers and property owners need to be aware of the serous problems such an inadequate approach causes. Simply shutting down the sidewalk and directing people to the other side doesn't work if - for examle - the other side is obstructed as well. Throwing up a sign is substitute for thoughful executing of a project. Wearing a sign around your neck warning people that you're a jerk doesn't make BEING a jerk OK, does it?

I have found two problems when it comes to worksite safety in Montgomery County - 1. the emphasis from the contractor's point of veiw is access to the worksite, and 2. Montgomery County doesn't do the best job ensuring that sidewalk closure is done with safety and accessibility in mind. Finally, Complaints are how Montgomery County finds out about most pedestrian infrastructure problems. They have only recently become even mildly proactyive about this.

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  1. I so agree! And often you encounter the "closed" sign abruptly mid-block when your choices are to step into the street or what?