Monday, November 2, 2009

A TRIP to Glenmont.

Will and I took Metro to Glenmont this morning, on our way to get new IDs at MVA in Glenmont Shopping Center.

The intersection at Georgia and Layhill Rd is not good for pedestrians. The ramps are too steep, too close together, and the concrete is cracked and uneven.

TThe crosswalk markings are worn-down, and the entire crosswalk system is old, ill-conceived, and full of trip hazards and excuses for pedestrians to cross at some place other than the marked crosswalks.

On the way home we stopped in Wheaton Plaza. We found this temporary walkway at the site of the sidewalk project outside of the Wheaton Metro.TOO NARROW. I did not measure the passage, but I think it is awfully close to be in violation of ADA guidelines> Has anyone check to see?

Finally, on Fenton st we see another example of how temporary and seasonal conditions can make bad infrastructure even worse. Fallen leaves cover and obscure missing pavers in these tree boxes all the way down the street. This is a piece of poorly-designed and executed infrastructure that is liable to injure someone. Hundreds of people walk by here everyday. This is just not acceptable - and people in County government have known about it for years. Why is this being tolerated???

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