Monday, November 23, 2009

"Step on a Crack..."

Sunday, November 22 was a warm, sunny day, so Kathleen and I decided to take Opie for a walk. We walked over the Bridge across the CSX/Metro tracks at Burlington Avenue, past the new Montgomery College Arts Center, and down Georgia Avenue to Walter Reed. Great walk of about a mile.

On the way back up the hill, we walked through a part of Sheppard’s Park, which has some really interesting architecture. The streets were quiet and the sidewalks were empty. Piles of leaves in the street gutters as leaf-blowers whirred down almost every street.

Georgia Avenue, all-in-all has pretty-good sidewalks. But – step a few feet from Georgia and the sidewalks deteriorate quickly. Forgotten passages – such as the bridge over the CSX tracks – are often in poor shape… clumsily patched with asphalt, broken and uneven. One trip hazard after another. Connectivity of pedestrian infrastructure in Silver Spring is really very poor in some places. How do pedestrians get to the adequate sidewalks if the adjoining sidewalks are obstructed? How does a person with a disability negotiate infrastructure that is broken, disconnected, or obstructed?

By the Way... Montgomery County Sidewalks look worse than DC sidewalks. DCDOT takes much better care of pedestrians than does MC. Just so you kinow...

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