Wednesday, August 17, 2011


These photos were taken this morning on Sligo Avenue. I was on my way from downtown when i came acros this construction sign - doing an ineffective job of warning drivers that work is being done at the corner of Georgia and Sligo. They placed this sign directly across the sidewalk , making passage difficult - especially for anyone with a guide dog, a wheelchair, or a stroller.

When combined with the fact that auto-repair shops on the other side of Sligo have parked vehicles that they are working on over the sidewalk, Sligo suddenly becomes inaccessible to many people with disabilities. Want to get to Georgia Avenue? You will have to take Gist Avenue. Oh, wait, there are probably cars parked across the sidewalks there, too.

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Sligo Avenue is a busy street during the day, and is a particularly BAD place to be walking in the street.

One seemingly-insignificant thoughtless action can combine with others to create a dangerous situation.

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