Friday, August 5, 2011

Parking Lessons

This afternoon I took my daughter and one of her friends to Fire Statio One for lunch. As is often the case, people have parked vehicles across the sidewalk in front of the Aamoco shop and Pacci's restaurant. Even the most oblivious person should understand that these sre not appropriate places to park a car. I have spoken to a manager at Pacci's about this, but i suppose I am just a local weirdo to them.

Usually, I just walk past - having taken so many photos of this practice at this location that it harldy seems worth it anymore. How do I get these people to park these vehicles properly? Do I call the police? Do I go into the establishment and confront the owner? Do I offer to find them parking lesson?

The vehicles in these photos are parked such that there is not enough clearance for a person in a wheelchair to pass. The lip of what are/were driveways make negotiating these locations tricky. They are definite trip hazards.

SHA just redesigned and poured new concrete at this location, but the old driveway in front of Pacci's should be removed so that people don't park there ad block the sidewalk. The Aamoco station needs to park their vehicles in a way that doesn't block the new sidewalk. I have complained, but this just seems to be a situation we can all ignore...

View Montgomery Sideways in a larger map

View Montgomery Sideways in a larger map

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