Monday, August 1, 2011

Not quite

Last week I received a copy of a letter from MCDOT to the Federal Haighway Admiistration concerning a complaint I filed in March, 2010. In the letter, MCDOT Director Arthur Holmes informs FHWA that the situation has been resolved and that MCDOT has made the changes needed to ensure that everyone is following the law when it comes to replacing utility poles.

I have been gratified by MCDOT's eagerness to address the problem, but I am afraid Mr. Holmes' claims of resolution are not quite true.

This photo was taken today, and shows that this panel is full of dirt, not concrete.

This photo shows one of the old poles along Sligo Avenue, still in place.

This photo shows that the concrete contractors left this water main access 2-3 inches below the surface of the sidewalk - a perfect size and location to trip someone and cause an injury.

I find it difficult to believe that anyone from MCDOT inspected this project before it was considered "finished." Unfortunately, I don't believe their other claim that the procedures have been worked-out to avoid this in the future, either.

I am usually happy when I get 80% of what I ask for from MCDOT. Still, this is a pretty significant 20%, here - and it remains true that the problems with Sligo Avenue sidewalks are not resolved - not quite. I don't believe that the working relationship between PEPCO and MCDOT as it concerns ROW has not been resolved yet, either.

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