Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Over the River

On Saturday night my wife and I took what has become a familiar journey across the Patomac to see live music at The State Theater. We have been to this excellent establishment a dozen or more times over the last few years, and we were excited about see The Infamous Stringdusters for the first time.

The trip to Falls Church is a long one - even for experienced pedestrians like us. It involves walking to the Silver Spring Metro, getting of at Metro Center and connecting to the Orange (NOT Blue) line to Vienna, and taking that to East Falls Church Metro. From there you walk over to Washington Boulevard, and up a long hill to The State. No bathrooms, the entire way. You really must plan this one.

Or, you could spend about fifty dollars and take a taxi. Either way, you have to get back, too. Hopeully, the show is worth the time, effort, and money. Fortunately, this time it was. I thought this cover of The Police song "walking on the Moon" was appropriate to post here.

Since we are so practiced at this journey, we have figured out how to make it bearable, if not comfortable. This sometimes includes straying at the Econolodge up on 66, or a rest stop for dinner at Clare and Don's Beach Shack. It always included walking past this location, often late at night.

On this dark night we came acrtoss this piece of equipment completely blocking the sidewal along Washington Blvd, near the north exit onto Rt. 66. We had to walk in the street to get by. This sin't the first time we have been confronted with the very same thing in other places in the neighborhood.

Someone hasn't read the memo!

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