Monday, May 9, 2011

Forgotten, but not gone

On Saturday evening I walked over to 1200 East-West Highway to meet with and talk to a Greater-Greater Washington Blog writer about the conditions at that intersection. Even though the intersection had been blocked for years, there was some hope that SHA would make some needed improvements to make the area more safe until the construction project was complete. There was also some hope that SHA would nudge the owner of the property to get the work finished sooner. After a meeting last December, we were told that temporary measures would be taken to prevent pedestrians from being confused by ambiguous signs and directions.

As usual, some promises were lept and some were only partially kept.

It has now been six months since the little flurry of attention on this location, and pedestrian access has not been restored. What's more, the situation is every bit as dangerous as when we last visited - sans snow. Exactly what pedestrians are meant to do here is not clear. It is especially confusing for a person with low or no vision.The only thing that is obvious is that people are still crossing where they should not be crossing - and that things here are risky.

This location has been in a similar state for more than three years. Despite numerous complaints and meetings, thins have not really improved at all.The facilities for pedestrians and people with disabilities are slack - almost as if they were not important.



  1. I think perhaps this crossing should be blocked with barrels or something that compels pedestrians further east on E-W Highway, at Acorn Park.. The problem is, even then you must cross another strange crossing. There is little advice you can give to pedestrians in this situation except, "Take your time and be very careful."

  2. If I lived in one of the buildings that surround this intersection and had to go through here every day, It would present such a sense of dread that it would probably discourage me from going out as much. Imagine someone you love who is either disabled or elderly trying to cross this intersection alone...