Saturday, May 7, 2011


I took these photos this afternoon as my wife and I headed to downtown Silver Spring. This is the stretch of sidewalk adjacent to the Silver Spring Library/Purple Line station, along Bonifant St. I was surprised and gratified to see the situation cleared-up and the pedestrian ROW restored. Much safer and encourages good behavior - like crossing at the intersection. I can't believe that it was too much work to make this happen, so I can only surmise that this situation was caused by a lack of awareness. OK, so now you know, right?

So often these complaint-based remedies substitute for a real plan. Project managers must keep in mind the impacts of the project on the ROW. It must be reviewed regularly, and adjustments must be made for different phases of construction. The location of this particular project speaks to a new model - one that prizes pedestrians and people who get around without their own motor vehicle. The process of building this civic landmark should also speak to the importance that we are placing on people who do not drive - either by choice or because they have no choice. No matter who is walking there, it should be by design, not by accident.

PS. My wife says don't even try to walk here in heels. The asphalt is very soft.

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