Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thayer Canyon Revisited

Just outside the Safeway near our home is a sidewalk that is really treacherous for pedestrians. I like to call this stretch, "Thayer Canyon"

The "tree boxes" found on Thayer are similar to ones found all over Silver Spring. The pavers covering these boxes move dramatically over time. During rain and snow the substrate becomes soft, and the pavers move when stepped on. These paved boxes are often found in places where the sidewalk is also narrow - like out side the Safeway. If two people meet along this stretch, one of them MUST walk in the box. The missing and uneven pavers are a sure way to twist your ankle, bruise your shin, or suffer a fall - if you are not very careful.

This is especially true at night.

I can't believe that these boxes are anywhere near ADA compliant. Even if they are, they remain a danger and discouragement to all would-be pedestrians in Silver Spring. And yet they are still being installed - the latest in front of 8630 Fenton in 2010. I have had to walk through them once or twice - It's not fun.

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