Friday, March 18, 2011

Trash Day

It has been my experience that - in a situation where multiple uses come into conflict with each other on the ROW, pedestrians get the least consideration. In these photos, you can clearly see the entire ROW. The road is clear, but the bus stop and sidewalk are blocked by recycling bins and trash containers. A person in a wheelchair would have to turn back at theis point. A blind person would have trouble negotiating this location with a guide dog or cane. Bus riders are expected to hang-out with the garbage. Even an able-bodied person (whom one might refer to as a "pedestrian-by-choice") would have to step into Sligo Avenue to get by.

If Montgomery County and SHA want more people to choose pedestrianism, then obstructions like this need to be addressed. They won't fix themselves. Problems like this will continue to exist as long as they are tolerated.

But hey, it's only one day each week, right? So, who cares?

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  1. How exactly would one go about filing a service request with 311 for a problem like this?