Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More of the same

The shadow on the ground in the forefront of this photo is cast by the Silver Spring Civic Center. Across the street from the heart of the new Silver Spring is yet another example of poor construction site planning that puts pedestrians at risk. Site plans almost never take into account the amount of pedestrian traffic - preferring to deny continuous access by pedestrians in favor of complete inaccessibly - as if to say, "Keep them safe by keeping them out." The contractors would rather use the area for free parking, rather than insure the safety of pedestrian by constructing temporary facilities - as the law requires.

Three sides of this lot are blocked, and there is no continuous walkway from Cedar to Strossnider's without crossing the street. This set-up is a design for tragedy that encourages pedestrians to walk in the street with traffic.,-77.020855&spn=0.022945,0.048409

Has County government learned nothing? How are these plans gaining approval?

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