Friday, July 29, 2011

Sidewalk Improvs

Yesterday afternoon I braved the heat and headed into downtown Silver Spring for lunch. I walked over to Georgia Avenue, where I stopped and took this photo. It shows the sidewalk out of commission as it goes beneath the CSX bridge. I stood there for a awhile and saw pedestrians crossing Sligo Avenue a few yards to the east of the crosswalk. Sure, there is a sign there telling you to cross the street, but if you need to go the other way - say, to Jackie's, or Lotus Cafe - what do you do? Crossillegally, that's what you do.

Meanwhile, where are the workers??? Are you telling me that they shut-off this important intersection, and then left it?

This location will be the scene of many risky behaviors over the coming days. Another instance of SHA training pedestrians and driver s alike to ignore the rules and trust their own common sense. Fortunately for us here in Montgomery County we have some fairly smart pedestrians.

I don't understand SHA's approach to the Georgia Avenue sidewalk project. I'm not sure they have one, really. It looks like a shot in the dark to me.Be careful out there!

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  1. BTW - This photo was taken at 2PM. I walked by here going and coming, and no one was here for at least three hours. I took this photo on the way home.