Monday, August 16, 2010

Another Crazy Weekend

I spent a lot of time out and about this weekend. We shopped the Fresh Farm Farmers' Market, had dinner at union Station, and went to Rockville via Metro to look for computer parts. I noticed that drivers were particularly impatient this weekend. People were taking more risks than usual in response to backed-up traffic and general driving annoyances. It seemed that everywhere I went there were drivers speeding, running lights, honking their horns, and generally pushing limits.

Here are a few of the situations I came across on the sideways this weekend.
This truck was parked across the sidewalk on Easley Street near Fenton - at the Shell Station. I walked by this location several times over a few hours and it was not parked here temporarily. I saw pedestrians walking in the stret to get past this location.
A Crossing Guard on duty near the Silver Spring Metro on Friday evening. These Crossing Guards do a great job, and really keep things afe at these busy intersections.

The Greyhound Terminal on Sligo Avenue. Several times a day cars are parked over the sidewalk here.
Wire from a chain link fence at the corner of Sligo Avenue and Mayor Lane is a dangerous trip hazard. It's been like this for a long time, but it's getting worse.
Once again, the passage in front of the Fire Station One restaurant is blocked. You can't go to the outside because A firetruck is blocking the way. On the inside, seating stacked chair are stored in the way. A person in a wheelchair could not get by unless someone offered to help move these heavy wrought-iron seats out of the way. What gives this restaurant the right to do this???
The intersection of Silver Spring and Georgia Avenues. Again, at the location of Fire Station One. A car pulled into the crosswalk. ( Taken after I crossed - I just missed getting the cross signal white.) Notice the Fire Truck parked to the edge of Georgia Avenue.

Pedestrians walking around several cars stopped in the crosswalk at Wayne and Georgia Avenues.


  1. I was looking for info about our crossing guard that was hit in silver spring over the weekend, and I came upon your a crossing guard I appreciate when citizens are concerned. I work a very busy and dangerous crossing and the trouble that we have with drivers running red lights, not stopping for school buses is a very bad problem and we don't have enough citizens showing the concern necessary to assist us in helping to keep Montgomery county pedestrians safe.....thank you very much.

  2. Please tell me more about the incident. I can't find anything about it.

  3. I apologize....I misunderstood the email.....she was injured while walking to her CBD detail in silver spring.....she has head and shoulder injuries and is in intensive care......she is one of our elderly guards....keep up the good work...

  4. I am really sad to hear this. I used to spend a few minutes each morning and afternoon talking with the Crossing Guard on the way to my kids' school. I started Crossing Guard Appreciation there back 2002, I think. Kids would bring little gifts or cards to the Crossing Guards on there way from school. Teachers used it as an activity.I knew several of the older Crossing Guards. I try to say "Thank You" whenever I cross by a Crossing Guard because I know it is an important and difficult job.

    I hope that this fallen public servant will recover from her injuries. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

    I am also perplexed that the story isn't in the papers - at least, not that I could find.

  5. According to the police, this person was not struck by a car, but fell and injured herslef.