Sunday, May 9, 2010

Part of the Plan?

These photos were taken this weekend, but these problems have been around for years. This location is on Cedar near the intersection with Wayne - only a block from the new civic building. I first took notice of these locations in 2007, and the conditions have only become worse. Meanwhile, the situation in this neighborhood has changed a lot. This segment of sidewalk will be a major pedestrian approach to the civic building.

This trip hazard has been here – on the same block as the civic building – for years. The stick jammed into the pole serves to point-out the obstacle in the tall grass. Thanks to someone for jury-rigging this.


These two photos were taken in 2007.

These access issues should be resolved before the July 8th Opening. Asking people to walk to that event on these sidewalks is wrong. Very bad. Is that part of the plan?

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