Sunday, May 30, 2010

All Stop

Kathleen and I went to Chinatown this afternoon for lunch - and to make a pilgrimage to 7th & H, where DC has recently installed the first all-way cross in this area. I have heard of these in places like Barcelona, and I know there are some in the Virginia Beach area, but I have never seen one first-hand.
After watching how things go for a while, we took our first walk through the middle of the intersection. Most people seemed to prefer crossing at the traditional place, but it was nice to see all crosswalks in use simultaneously! I hope this experiment pays off and that this practice of putting pedestrians first in certain areas grows.

On the way there and back we ran into a number of obstructions - all in usual places. First of all, SHA is still working on the ramps and APS at Wayne and Georgia. It has been more that a week sinces this particular corner - the SE corner - has been obstructed. We stood there and watched for a while as people walked around this area by stepping into Georgia Avenue, as we did ourselves. Hundreds will do this same thing come Tuesday morning.

And, finally, here we are in front of the old Silver Spring Volunteer Fire Station once again - blocked by a parked vehicle. Parked right-up to the edge.

Tanks for sending this. I had heard about it, but hadn't seen it. Cause to celebrate! kINDA MADE ME FEEL LIKE DANCING TOO.


  1. You might enjoy this... celebrating the 7th & H Barnes Dance with a Barn Dance:

  2. I suspect that George Branyan had a lot to do with this new diagonal cross. If so, Thanks George!