Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bus Response

In response to an incident that occurred a couple of weeks ago, I received this email last Friday:

Dear Mr. Smith: 

 Thank you for your recent email following up on Service Request number 195992532 you placed regarding the reckless operation of a Ride On Bus. I apologize for the situation you experienced. As stated in the email response Supervisor Cherry sent to you on April 24, our Silver Spring/Bethesda Ride On supervisory staff investigated this serious incident. Supervisor Cherry identified and interviewed the bus operator. He admitted to operating the bus in an unsafe manner and he extends his apologies to you and your wife. The bus operator was counseled and appropriate remedial action was taken. Additionally, he will be scheduled for driving refresher training class as soon as possible. His overall performance will also be monitored by our Safety and Training Department and our Road Supervisors for an indefinite period of time. Ride On takes passenger safety, safe operation of our buses and quality customer service seriously. I sincerely apologize for the incident and for the lack of safety and professionalism on the part of the bus operator. I appreciate your taking the time to bring this matter to my attention. Should you have any additional concerns regarding Ride On, please do not hesitate to continue to contact us through the Montgomery County 311 Customer Service Center.
 Carolyn Biggins, Division Chief Montgomery County Ride On

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