Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gun It!

Here's a short video showing something that is happening more and more lately - someone driving a business vehicle gunning it to get through the intersection as they take a left turn. The vehicles in the oncoming lane have to wait for the pedestrians, so they gun-it. It has happened to me three time in the past week, and more than a dozen times in the last year. The intersection of Wayne and Fenton is the worst.

Speaking of Wayne X Fenton, I also run-into many More bicyclists riding their bikes through the crosswalk - such as in the video from that location below. While I know it is not illegal to ride bikes on the sidewalk in Montgomery County, I think cyclists should be expected to obey traffic laws when riding in the street - even if that part of the street is a crosswalk. You should get off your bike and walk through the crosswalk, or wait for the traffic signal to say it's OK to proceed on you8r bike in the street. It is dangerous and inconsiderate to ride your bike through a crosswalk.. It's a crosswalk - not a crossride.

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