Thursday, April 21, 2011

Practice What You Preach

Last night I walked by the Silver Spring Library construction site. I witnessed two pedestrians walking in Bonfiant St. to get by. There seems to be plenty of room right now for temporary pedestrian facilities at this location. Why are there none??? This is yet another location in Silver Spring that has been closed to pedestrians for an extended period without any attempt to make things safe.

On the one hand Montgomery County spends money on the Street Smart campaign that tells people to do the right thing and be safe. On the other hand, they don't follow their own policies and create this dangerous situation on public property.

The County can't claim that the property owners isn't cooperating - not this time.

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  1. It can be frustrating when the authorities put themselves above their own rules. I sometimes try to encourage police to buckle up, use signals, and when not on a call, observe speed limits. In other words, set the good example.
    Congrats on the Pioneer Award! Sorry that I missed the presentation.
    BTW - The new header graphic is cool.. or hot, but the read-ability could be better.