Monday, January 24, 2011

PEPCO Doesn't Care

I've read stories where Cowboys in the Old West would shoot prairie dogs - or ground squirrels - because these rodents dig holes that are sometimes difficult to see and almost perfectly designed to break a horse's leg if stepped into. It is not the prarie dogs' fault. They don't mean to do it. It is in their nature and they can't change. Instead, they were driven away from places where Men wanted to ride in safety - even if no one had ever heard of a horse falling into a hole and breaking it's leg.

The metaphorical prairie dog in this situation is PEPCO. Of course I don't believe that PEPCO is intentionally doing things to put me and others like me in danger, but they are. Of course I don't believe that PEPCO is intentionally dampening the idea that you can walk in this neighborhood, or any other neighborhood in their huge service area - but yet again, they are doing just that.

PEPCO provides an essential service - one that makes this type of complaint possible. PEPCO has a good record - overall. But there is a problem here, and they seem reluctant to do anything about it. A system that creates dangerous situations and perpetuates the denial of access to the right-of-way to thousand of citizens is wrong.

PEPCO, through their lack of understanding and expertise - effectively dug these holes. They
don't care about people with disabilities. They don't care if I fall into a hole and break my leg, and - more importantly - they don't care if I decide to give-up because it is too difficult to overcome their indifference. They don't care if I decide to become a recluse - a shut-it - another disabled person sitting at home.

I have lived in my home for almost fourteen years. Yesterday I had to cross mid-block to get my groceries home because these holes are back. Sligo Avenue has never been accessible in all that time. If I am such a great advocate, then how can this be true? If I fail at being heard, then what chance does anyone else have? I have taken A LOT of action, and things are just about the same as they have always been. Inaccessible for thousand of people. People who are not able to drive, for one reason or another. Large-scale discrimination.

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