Sunday, July 25, 2010


Last week I signed-up for Google Ads, mostly because I wanted to track the number of visists to this blog. I have no hope or desire of actuially making any money at it - in fact, I made 1 cent last week!

Unfortunately, I soon discovered that allowing ads on the blog inclues having car ads, which I generally loathe. Not because I hate cars, mind you. I just don't enjoy participating - even in this small way - to the glut of ads that LIE about how great cars are, and how important it is to be able to "Zoom-Zoom."

Rather than bemoan this situation, I have decided to respnod by posting MORE CAR ADS. What is shown below are some of the most offensive car ads I could find in a few minutes. Enjoy, and remember --- cars are tools, and to embrace a car as a symbol of who you are is shallow and vain. Cars can provide independence, but they don't make you truly free. You are Dependant on gas, roads, police, insurance, auto-repair shops, taxes, tags, a driver's license, etc.

Hardly a life free from dependence on others.

Car companies spend $BILLIONS on commercials each year trying to connect with consumers. Over the years that have built a customer base that depends on speed and the illusion of speed in a new car. They cater to the worst possible behavior in their customers. They values speed, cornering, and sleek lines . Make no mistake, it is a fast car world out there. Y'all be careful! Do we really need "Autobahn for All?"


  1. All the commercials are hilarious. I like 2nd commercial the most of all. That was really unexpected

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  2. Advertising can be a strange media at the best of times but some of the Car Companies really make me laugh, do they really get away with some of the methods they use to 'draw' us in?

  3. Advertising, by its nature, is aimed at our collective weaknesses. It preys on those that exist naturally, and endeavors to create exciting new ones.